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Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ

  • What clothes should I wear?

    This is very dependent on what time of year you come out with us and what the weather is like. In summer, you should wear comfortable breathable clothes because if the sun’s out, it can be very warm. Remember to protect yourself from the sun and wear sun cream. 

    In winter you should wear thick, warm, waterproof clothes and bring along things like a woolly hat and gloves.

    And wear something you don’t mind getting a bit mucky! 

  • Do I have to bring my own bait?

    Some experienced anglers do prefer to bring their own bait and if you do you will be able to use the bait station and all equipment we have. If you are a less experienced angler, bait can be provided and if you ask nicely, Kevin will prepare all your bait for you and put it on the hook. Our main goal is to ensure you have an enjoyable day so if you would like to get your hands dirty and learn how to prepare the bait, Kevin will be more than happy to show you.

  • Can I keep the fish I catch?

    Yes and no. We prefer to put fish back so they can fight another day and bring enjoyment to more people trying to catch them. However, if you would like to take a fish home for the BBQ or to cook up something special, you can. 

    There are exceptions though as the fish will need to be of a certain minimum size and some fish are protected species. If the fish is too small or is a protected species you will not be able to take them home. The skipper will be able to advise you should you catch something you want to keep.

  • Is that France?

    No. It’s the Isle of Wight. 

  • What if I start to feel a little queasy?

    The sea isn’t for everyone and everyone can get a little green from time to time. We do have an indoor cabin with some comfy seating if you need a little rest from the fishing, although our best prescription is fresh air, sipping cold water and a ginger biscuit. If someone in your party is really suffering, we may be able to head in early, although this is dependent on tide and the will of the rest of the people on your trip.